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European excellence and elegance.

Kleenmaid, time honoured Europen design and functionality, backed by the three year warranty is simply the best you can own.  Since 1984.


7 compelling reasons why Kleenmaid Appliances are the best you can own.


Unique Innovative Technology
Stunning European Styling

The Kleenmaid appliance collection has been developed with amazing new technologies designed to perform their functions beyond perfection and with exacting precision and reliability.  This means you can be assured that every time you use a Kleenmaid appliance you will experience welcomed satisfaction.  Kleenmaid appliances are simply better.

 Enhancing the fabulous of each Kleenmaid appliance is its stunning, timeless European design.  Complementing beautiful stying with enduring materials creates an interior landscape that enhances good architecture and the home environment.  In short, Kleenmaid appliances are beautiful to behold.
 For Generations
 Environmental Considerations

Kleenmaid appliances have been serving generations of Australian families for over 30 years and will continue to do so becauce we are committed to providing only the best you can own.

If the appliance you are considering is not as good as Kleenmaid and it is not the best you can own, why would you invest in it?

 Our products are designed with the environment in mind as we keely sense the need to protect our wonderful world.
Renowned for quality and reliability for over 30 years
 Our 3 year Warranty
Our products are manufactured to the highest international manufacturing standards using only the best materials, and have rightly earned the reputation in Australia as being ...the best you can own. All of our appliances are covered by our 3 year full parts and labour warranty and are supported by our highly skilled, 24 hour response national service network.
An Australian Icon
The Kleenmaid brand was established in Australia in 1984 and since then has been loved by generations of Australian families and we are proud to say that we are a 100% Australian owned company.  


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