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5 Things you Must Know About Period Kitchen Renovations

If you have a period kitchen or older style home that is in need of a kitchen renovation, we understand that it can be a daunting task with lots to consider. That's why we have created a period kitchen renovation guide. This guide is full of tips advice and a plan to renovate your kitchen so that you can perfectly blend the old with the new.

In this guide we take you through the planning stages of a period home renovation.

  • How to choose the right layout?
  • Choosing your budget, style and timeline.
  • How to maximise your space?
  • How to blend old with new?
  • What features and fixtures to consider?
  • And navigating the construction process.

We have worked with families all over Sydney to create a beautiful new kitchen in their period homes. We take elements of the old and reflect them in the new. This guide gives you everything you need to do the same.


Your Period Kitchen Reno Guide